• Show some bottle. Spread the refill message.
  • Fresh from Fillville in SS21 but designed to last for many seasons to come.
  • Circular supply. These tees are designed to be sent back to Rapanui when worn out, to make new products from recovered material again & again & again.
  • Super soft. Organic cotton. Round neck. Great quality.
  • Not just for Fill delivery drivers.

We printed a first run of these because you asked for them.
Illustrated by Eleonora Marton. Screen-printed by Rapanui.

Choose from:

100% recycled organic cotton, grey (limited run)
100% organic cotton, white

Rapanui t-shirts are made in a clean, light, modern & positive factory on the Isle of Wight, in partnership with Teemill. They follow strict rules including SA8000 certification, GOTS certification & renewable energy power. They only make what people need, when they need it and everything is designed to be sent back for free when it’s worn out so they can make new products from the material they recover.




Fill Seeker T-shirt

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