Fill is a range of refillable eco-responsible laundry & HOUSEHOLD cleaning products that look cool, work great & radically reduce packaging waste. Supplied in 500ml and 1L screen-printed glass bottles, return-for-refill 10L boxes, 20L Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) drum refills supplied in a close loop and returnable 200L bulk containers that we pick up and refill for a zero waste circular solution. We can make bigger too. We make everything ourselves, at our own family-run factory in Northamptonshire with bright chemists combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern & effective eco cleaning & laundry products. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. No single use plastic bottles. Much less waste.
Fill is for everyone who’s interested in a better way to clean without waste. We set out to create the type of straightforward eco responsible products that we wanted to use, in glass bottles that look cool, so they won’t get thrown away. We supply a bunch of cool zero waste stores, refill shops, ethical supermarkets, farm shops, plant shops and conscious businesses, organisations and community projects.
Fill Refill Project started in 2012 and we have been working on perfecting the fill range ever since. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and reduce waste. The website was launched in april 2018 to satisfy the growing demand for FILL REFILL products online.
We make everything in our much loved mid-20th century factory building, tucked away from the main road on the outskirts of Finedon, surrounded by the bright yellow rapeseed fields of Northamptonshire. We are the manufacturer. All fill products are formulated, tested and developed by a small team of bright chemists and we make the products ourselves in our own factory. FILL products are intelligently made, thoughtfully designed and considerately packaged with the environment in mind.
We sure are. We’re an independent, family-run, British manufacturer with no outside investment and no shareholders to satisfy. Our growth has been entirely organic, something that we’re very proud of. FILL has grown purely by word of mouth and recommendations.
Click here for a list of our accreditations. We are undergoing assessment to becoming a BCorp member. We are seeking leaping bunny certification for all of our products. We were the first plastic free certified laundry detergent in the UK.


Yes, they are. We have Vegan accreditation for all of the FILL range. We don't use any animal-derived raw materials for our products. No animals are harmed in our formulation, testing or manufacturing or any of our raw material supplier’s processes.
They sure are. We don't test on animals and we source raw materials from suppliers that don't test on animals. We're applying for cruelty free certification. Watch this space.
We've listed each ingredient found in FILL products on this site. Visit our ingredients page to find info about all the ingredients we use, what they are and why we use them.

Fill products are designed to conform to eco product regulations.

An ingredients list for each product can also be found on the product pages, screen-printed on glass FILL bottles and on FILL data sheets. If you have any questions about any ingredient write to hello@fillrefill.co
Yes, all of them are. We’ve made sure that all our unscented products contain no added fragrance. Unscented products are not odourless but they are free from fragrance.
We believe in transparency, and welcome any questions you might have. We'll direct them to our highly qualified chemists who are well versed in modern eco surfactant technology.

All our formulations are 100% readily biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals. They're concentrated, wherever possible, to cut down on carbon footprint made when shipping. They don't contain unnecessary dyes, pearlisers or other enhancements. We’ve only included what you need for a good clean.

We know from our own experience - and from the feedback we’ve received - that Fill products work really well but welcome any comments or suggestions you have.
Our products are packaged in 100% reusable and recyclable 500ml or 1L glass bottles. Fill bottles are screen printed not labelled. They can be refilled over and over and over! We encourage you to refill or reuse them - even if you don’t continue to refill with FILL. Refills are available in RETURN-FOR-REFILL 10L BOXES, 20L POST CONSUMER RECYCLED (PCR) DRUM REFILLS and RETURNABLE 200L BULK CONTAINERS THAT WE PICK UP AND REFILL FOR A ZERO WASTE CIRCULAR SOLUTION.
Green chemistry and transparency are important to us. If you'd like more information on any of the products or if you have any questions mail hello@fillrefill.co
Up-to-date SDS are emailed to customers with all FILL orders.
Stay with us here… CLP is the European Regulation on Classification, Labeling & Packaging of chemical substances and mixtures. Introduced in December 2010 for substances but as of 1st June 2015 it applies to mixtures too.

CLP aims to improve the safety for users and the environment by standardising the danger classifications of chemical substances and mixtures. For further info mail hello@fillrefill.co
Plastic is a serious problem. We all know that. We want to ensure our customers refill FILL glass bottles to keep plastic out of the system. We promote refilling, recycling, avoiding single use plastic and buying in bulk.

In addition, we wanted to help create refill stations, in support of the rising tide of amazing zero waste stores in the UK, so that customers can bring bottles back to a store and refill over and over again, saving plastic waste and saving money. We’ve gone further than most by ensuring that our glass bottles are screen-printed with all the necessary product information and CLP labelling, to minimise any risks associated with refilling products into food containers or random empty vessels. This is important.

Head over to our stockists page to find a refill station near you or let us know if you'd like to see one in your local store.
Fill does not directly use Palm Oil in the manufacture of its’ products.

We ensure that where possible our raw materials are free from Palm Oil and its’ derivatives.

Where materials derived from Palm Oil have to be used we ensure that these have been manufactured using only sustainable Palm Oil.
While both surfactants are very similar, SLS is a skin irritant. SLES is formulated to be milder and gentle on skin.

We do not use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in any of the FILL products. We include SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) in Fill Hand Soap and Fill Wash Up formulations as a mild coconut based cleanser for removal of particulate soils.
The FILL range is septic tank safe.
Please place a new order on the website for a new Bag in Box and mark 'RETURN FOR REFILL' in the notes. Please include the new order number and fill the return form (included inside the Bag in Box) for us. Please include it with the return of the bag and send back to us Royal Mail 2nd class (no need for signed for): BIB RETURN FAO CHRIS/JONNY FILL REFILL CO ATLAS HOUSE, BURTON ROAD, FINEDON, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, NN9 5HX If you could then send us proof of postage to hello@fillrefill.co we will refund the cost for this against your order.


FILL laundry liquid is safe to sensitive skin. It’s a modern eco plant based formulation based on the latest bio-surfactants. We don't use optical brighteners, dyes, enzymes or harsh chemicals. It's best to stick with unscented products if you're prone to sensitivities. Fill laundry liquid is certified plastic free and carried the vegan trademark. The unscented laundry liquid is allergy Uk approved.
One 500ml bottle of FILL laundry detergent should be able to handle 25 washes in a domestic machine, depending on the size of your load.
We recommend using 20-40mls in a standard washing machine on regular light soiling up to a maximum of 60ml for very heavy soil.
Yes, FILL laundry liquid can be used for both machine and hand washing. For hand washing, we recommend diluting 1-2 capfuls in a wash basin full of warm water. Soak for 5 minutes and rinse in cold water. Always follow garment care instructions and machine manufacturers’ guidelines.
It sure is, FILL has been successfully used to hand wash wool, cashmere and silk in cold water with good results. Always follow garment care instructions on the label.
Our laundry liquid is deliberately designed to be non bio (enzyme free). Bio laundry detergents contain enzymes - these may sometimes cause skin irritations for those with sensitive skin. It’s generally acknowledged that enzymes can require higher temperatures to be most effective or that they need a longer period of time to work. We set out to design a modern laundry detergent to to be effective at lower temperatures for shorter domestic cycles.


We’re committed to great service and happy customers. If an item has been damaged in transit, we are happy to refund or replace it. Please contact hello@fillrefill.co and forward a picture of the damages.

If you wish to make a complaint or report any damages, please mail hello@fillrefill.co as soon as you are aware of a problem. We’ll pick up and replace any damaged or faulty goods. Damages must be reported within 7 days of delivery. See terms and conditions.

If you have purchased an item from one of our stockists, please write to them directly to review their returns policy.
We're all about closing loops. You can return your bottles to any of our wonderful stockists for a refill around the country! You can also return the inner bag from the 10L home refill box to our factory & we'll refill it for you. Send us proof of postage and we'll refund it. We also collect & return all 20L & 200L drums for refill with our brilliant driver Dave! Fresh 10L boxes are constantly being filled & added to the shop ready for home refill. Some folks may not know we take the bags back for refill at our factory. Well, we do. They don't get thrown away. They don't get sent for recycling. They get refilled. If you don't have a bulk refill or zero waste store nearby or if you're isolating... it works like this: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To start with, each 10L box we send out replaces the need for 20 x 500ml new single use bottles. Once you run low, just pour out (squeeze like a bagpipe) the last 500ml into your refill bottle. That'll keep you going while the bag's in transit! Place a new order & return the inner bag to the factory where it came from, using the mailing box inside. No tape needed. Compost, reuse or recycle the 10L cardboard box. Make sure to complete and send back the form inside the box with your empty refill. Shout out to Marc the Printers who riso-printed the forms! Send the bag back empty with the tap still in position. We'll refill the same bag & send it right back to you & we'll refund any postage. Thanks for being cool. We get a thrill every time we get one through the mail.


We currently ship for free to any address in mainland United Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ship further afield! Send an email to hello@fillrefill.co and we’ll look into whether we can ship to where you are.
We ship all orders via Royal Mail. We currently include shipping on all mainland UK Fill orders.

We’re constantly looking for better, more responsible methods of delivery. We’re be open to any suggestions or ideas you might have. Please write to us at hello@fillrefill.co
Our mission is to reduce single use packaging. All of our packaging is recyclable.

Fill is packed for shipping by hand in our warehouse, and we date stamp and sign each transit box, so you know exactly who has packed it. We don’t use any plastic packaging to ship and have designed a transit box for each 500ml bottle that doesn’t require additional packaging materials. We use paper tape and 100% recyclable paper and card.
We aim to ship orders out in 5 - 7 working days. If an item is not immediately available or if there is a delay, you will receive a separate email that will indicate an estimated wait time. We make everything ourselves in our own factory, so it won’t take long for us to make a fresh batch!

Once your order has shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.


Our refillable 500ml glass FILL bottles are made in the EU using 40% cullet (recycled waste glass). They are 100% recyclable. More importantly, they are 100% refillable and re-usable!

Only analysed and quality controlled cullet from approved suppliers is used. Hydrolytical resistance and chemical constitution of glass is reviewed three times a week by our supplier.
The outer cardboard packaging of the FILL bag-in-boxes is 100% recyclable. We are currently reviewing options to find the most sustainable plastic liners.

FILL 20L drums are made from 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) rHDPE and they are 100% recyclable.

How to Fill

Home Use

Why not? We’ve always wanted to make this a reality. Now anyone can buy eco household cleaning products directly from an independent British manufacturer, without unnecessary plastic packaging waste!
Yes you can! Please send us the inner bag once empty with either the box provided inside the bag in box or with your own envelope (for older bag in boxes); please keep your proof of postage and we will minus the return shipping cost from your next bag in box order.

Professional Use

Yes, we love this! Why not use eco-friendly bulk refillable cleaning products in your business.

We currently supply FILL to a bunch of business premises, photographic studios, restaurants, offices, cleaning companies and public buildings. Join them!

Becoming a Stockist

If you’re looking to become a professional user or you’re interested in being a stockist of FILL, we can send a box of mini 60ml glass sample bottles (with no plastic packaging) for £12+VAT including shipping. Just DM your details via Instagram @fill_co or mail hello@fillrefill.co
Fill out the FILL wholesale application form here, or mail hello@fillrefill.co
Take a look at our stockists page or our Instagram page to get an idea of how it works.
Yes, of course they can although we think our FILL bottles look better. We’ve made a set of downloadable FILL labels especially for this reason, so all you need to do is print and apply to whatever bottle you want to refill.


Mail hello@fillrefill.co if you’re interested in becoming a distributor or stockist of FILL somewhere tropical.
We’ve only got a few FILL stockists outside of the UK, but we wouldn't say no to a few more.
We’ll ship FILL products anywhere in the world if it makes sense to do so and if there’s a way to get it there that isn’t wasteful.


Your privacy is important to us! Find our privacy policy here.


We believe in bulk

We now supply all fill liquids in un spec 200l natural drums for closed loop filling with no plastic waste. FILL 200l drums are stencilled with efi (environmentally friendly industrial) ink. Drums can be supplied x2 or x4 on a pallet without the need for plastic wrap. Drums will be delivered direct from our factory in northamptonshire.

We arrange collection of all empty 200l fill drums. We launder them, refill and re-use. Over time, stencilled fill 200l drums might start to look a little time-worn, this is all part of their charm. Please note that 200l drums are very heavy, and need specialist equipment to manoeuvre.

FILL 200l drums are 950mm (height) x 581mm (diameter).
Replace all bungs on empty fill drums before returning.

When placing a new order, tell us how many empty drums you need picking up before requesting a return pick-up.

Every stockist is different, but if we can make it work together, bulk returnable refills represent a great way for us to supply without plastic waste!

We'd be happy to work with you on any other ideas you may have to supply in a better way. Just ask.
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