Our Story

We are fill refill. The original zero waste closed loop household refill company.
The home of responsible, returnable & refillable laundry, cleaning, body & hair refills that work great, look cool & cut waste. Independent & family run, we make everything at our factory in northamptonshire with real chemists, combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern & effective eco responsible products. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. No waste. Available in returnable bulk containers & refillable glass bottles, too cool to throw away. All fill refill products are registered with the vegan trademark & cruelty free approved by leaping bunny. We’re a certified b corporation, registered living wage employer and members of 1% for the planet, donating 1% of turnover to environmental causes.
Single use is over!

How we came to be

Making everyday household products runs in my family. I grew up seeing my dad, a PHD chemist, testing new formulations on the local neighbourhood – cleaning graffiti off bus stops and washing football kits at home. He liked solving problems and getting stuck in. Fill has inherited that maverick spirit.

I first became interested in refill in 2011 and wanted to create a bunch of refillable, returnable and responsible household, hair & body care goods that worked brilliantly, looked cooler than anything i could find on the shelf and would be supplied free from single use plastic. No compromises. No waste.

The appetite for refills wasn’t there when we printed the first 100 glass bottles. I couldn’t give them away. Slowly, word spread. After blue planet aired in 2018, we saw more & more zero waste & refill stores opening their doors. In 2020 we launched fill refill rinse & returns with milk & more, the first closed loop plastic free household goods in the uk!

Here I am on drums.

Doing a company is like managing a band. That’s what i did before. I gave up rock’n’roll for rinse’n’return. A world of specs & suds & stock control! It suits me just fine. I still like going on tour but nowadays i prefer coming home. Perhaps i see in fill refill what Brian Epstein saw in the Beatles. I believe in ‘refillmania’.

It’s cool to think that we are making our own noise now. Helping folks to refill household essentials over and over because of how we roll. I’m lucky to have a bunch of great people right the way through this company, and when fill refill hits all the right notes, when we’re all in tune, refilling good, then it’s a beautiful thing! It makes me feel like we’re top of the pops, belting out ‘single use is over’ for everyone to hear, ‘tell your friends, go tell your mum. 200 litre barrels with fill refill on the drum!’