Sleep Better In The Wild


Does the idea of camping conjure up images of exhaustion; squat toilets; and eating cold baked beans? Well, we’re hoping to change that view!

We were introduced to Bundle Beds through one of our cool stockists, The Wildings Campsite, right when we launched the plastic free Camping Kit – nice timing!

Bundle Beds are a revolutionary new take on a travel bed, with everything that you need for a great night’s sleep in one bundle – genius! But, what we love even more about them is that they were founded on the principle of less stuff and more adventures (aided by more sleep!). Their beds are designed to fill years and years of adventure rather than landfill and their sustainability promise is one they take really seriously.

We chatted to the founder, Lucy Bartlett, about her top tips for a great night’s sleep when camping. Here’s what she had to say…

Many people see camping as an exercise in endurance – but it doesn’t have to be like that! Choosing to camp is the perfect chance to forget the to-do lists, get outside and enjoy nature – but it doesn’t have to mean basic, uncomfortable and exhausting!

I LOVE camping with my hubby and two young sons but, to be absolutely clear, I DON’T love being cold, hungry and filthy. Plus, sleep deprivation is never a holiday in my book! This is how our family makes sure our camping trips are super fun and we want to do it all over again at the end…


children camping comfortably


Pre-empt the cold

Keeping cosy is a number one priority for us, and ensures that everyone has a great night’s sleep.

Even on warm Summer days, evenings can be chilly. As soon as the sun begins to set, we pop on a fleece, or put the kids in a onesie. For bed, we tend to dress in long sleeved PJs, with a cosy pair of socks over the top. And if it’s super chilly, we’ll also add a beanie hat and a onesie over the top of PJs for the kids.

Have a comfy bed that’s easy to set up.

Well, you don’t need to guess what I’ll be recommending… but it really is important to make sure you’ve got a mattress that isn’t going to deflate in the night, or a sleeping bag that’s not damp and stinky!

Bundle Beds were designed to make life easy. The mattresses self-inflate and have a layer of memory foam for extra comfort. They come with a duvet and pillow covered with super cosy jersey cotton sheets, keeping you snug at night. Plus, you can strip off and wash all of the bedding like your own bed at home, meaning that you can have fresh sheets even in the tent!

Insulate from the ground

I’d recommend ditching the double height airbeds which let the cold in from under you and opt instead for a self-inflating mattress. (Bundle Beds are fully insulated with their waterproof outer layer, memory foam filled self-inflating mattress and cosy sheets). As well as adding layers on the top of your sleep set-up, don’t forget to insulate from the ground and add blankets underneath – a picnic blanket with a waterproof layer is brilliant

Block light & Muffle sounds

Long Summer Days are an absolute dream… apart from when you’re looking for a long night’s sleep outside. It’s all about a blackout tent or popping on an eye mask to block out the light. We bought a fantastic blackout inner tent to use as ‘bedrooms’ in our bell tent, which not only provides a bit of privacy, but is also brilliant for stopping the early morning light and to avoid being up before the lark.

Campsites aren’t known to be the quietest places, and there is nothing worse than a rowdy neighbour or tantrum-ing child keeping you up. If you’re not a fan of wearing ear plugs, then we find that quietly playing audiobooks, white noise or sleep music in the tent whilst we drift off, helps to distract from the general background noise.


“The kids won’t sleep in a tent.”This doesn’t have to be true. In fact, my kids actually sleep for longer – they’re early risers at home they have been known to sleep past 8am on a camping trip!

Stick to a bedtime routine

We stick to a similar(ish) bedtime as at home, which keeps the kids well rested and has the added bonus of giving us some evening left together for a game of cards and a little glass of something. We give the kids a wash in the campsite showers (they do usually have a bath, and we used to use a bucket when they were babies!), brush teeth get them into PJs and then have bedtime stories in their Bundle Beds.

Keep things familiar

Whilst camping is often about exploring new places, creating a familiar sleep space keeps kids feeling safe and secure at night. Bring a favourite pillow case or blanket from home (our boys have their own Bundle Beds with bumpers) and consider a practice camp-out in the living room with any new gear.

See you under canvas soon!

If you’d like to read more family camping hints and hacks from Lucy, get to the Bundle Bed Blog. Ramble responsibly.