Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Planet Minimal is on a mission to drive single-use plastic out of supply chains. They use electric vans to carry out last-mile delivery of Fill Refill products to refill stores, independent supermarkets, offices, cafes and restaurants around London. All bulk containers used for delivery are collected for refill and reuse. We’ve been working with Planet Minimal since they began in 2018. They decamped to East London in 2021, settling into a modern warehouse space in Leyton with more room to store bulk & to fill, refill & plug in vans.


Planet Minimal help us get Fill Refill products around London in the best way possible, with zero tailpipe emissions. Here’s how we work together:

We send big returnable reconditioned 1000L IBCs (Intermediate bulk containers) straight to the Planet Minimal warehouse in Leyton, from our factory. Truck yeah!

We take the empty 1000L IBC tanks back to wash, inspect & fill again, always keeping the cycle going. Empty IBCs are collected the same time new full IBCs are delivered, optimising deliveries that can’t be zero emissions (for now).

Planet Minimal deliver across the whole of London with electric vehicles, taking back all 20L empties at the same time, as they go. Like us, their aim is to reuse every drum over again until destruction & then to ensure each one can be recycled into something else that can be used again. Some drums have been in circulation since the very beginning.

As EV range improves, the delivery radius will expand too. Planet Minimal offer next day delivery in London & no minimum order quantity.

Any business who wants bulk Fill Refill products in London can get what they need, delivered this way. Zero waste. Zero tailpipe emissions.

“We’ve been working together with Planet Minimal since 2018. A lot of trying things out, working things out, finding things out. A whole bunch of nerding out on vans, tanks, tubes, pumps, taps, caps, apps, washing, re-washing, digital passports, ghostbuster style refill back-packs… generally making things happen AND not very much waste at all!
In that time Planet Minimal have built something really special. They’ve become a vital link for a community of heroic London refill stores and they deserve massive props for pioneering new closed loop logistics in London. If more folks took a (Nissan) leaf out of their book, the supply of household products could be a whole lot cleaner!”


We pledge to make the switch to electric vehicles for national Fill Refill van deliveries as soon as we possibly can, once we’re happy that van range & payload can cope with our loads.

In 2023, we switched the remaining diesel forklifts in our factory to electric. That means all Fill Refill utility vehicles (forklifts, lifting trucks & pallet lifters) are zero emissions on-site.