We supply PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) returnable 20L drums in a closed loop to a growing network of wholesale stockists and professional users; refill stores, zero waste shops, farm shops, delis, independent supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes, campsites, glamping sites, holiday lets, Airbnbs, nurseries, schools, cleaning companies, offices, factories, designers, makers, artists, potters, florists, laundries, churches, hair salons, yoga studios, charity organisations, visitor centres, event spaces, breweries, theatres, vineyards, garden centres, co-working spaces, coffee roasters, kombucha makers, costume designers, west end theatre productions, film studios & opera houses. Everyone who wants to help put an end to single use!

Single use is over, if you want it! Join us here.


At our factory, we make all the products, package them into reusable containers and ship them.

Folks receive the goods, set up the drums and keep on filling their reusable bottles on-site using a tap or a pump. We will let you know which we think is best for your individual set up.

When the 20L drums are empty, we take them back for washing in our dedicated facilities (The Washtainer). Once they’ve passed inspection for quality control, they are placed back into stock for re-use. We make sure they always get used again! That’s how we roll.

20L drums are hard to beat, if used correctly. Each one removes 40 x 500ml single use plastic bottles from circulation. We actively choose 20L PCR drums, made from 100% packaging waste material. They are 100% recyclable too but that‘s not the important thing. We want them to be used over and over again. Every drum should be good for years and years of reuse & refills to reduce packaging waste. They should be returned to us after each use and must not be thrown away.

We will reuse every drum over and over again until they are no longer fit for purpose, and then we will ensure each one is recycled into something else that can be reused again. Some drums have been in circulation with us now for nearly 4 years! Damaged or punctured drums are collected together and sent for recycling with carefully selected partners. We purchase the recycled plastic back as planters or in the form of panels & boards for use around our site, closing another loop.

We also re-use all 20L drum caps. That means that goods won’t always come with the single use factory seal intact, unless you specifically request it.

All deliveries are plastic-free. We choose reusable recycled cardboard pallet boxes from our friends at Reuseabox™, reusable nets, reusable pallet straps and recyclable paper banding. We select the best option depending on the pallet configuration & what we have available. If we deliver with our own van, they’ll come naked as the day they were filled, secured inside the van with a good old-fashioned ratchet strap.

We take back redundant cardboard packaging used for transportation for reuse. If the cardboard is damaged or cannot be reused we’ll shred it and use it as infill packaging in the warehouse. Keep hold of the returnable cardboard outer packaging. This can be reused to send any drum(s) back to us for refill. If you don’t keep hold of original transit packaging, no biggie. You can reuse any box you might already have at home.

In 2022, our most conservative figures relating to the use of 20L returnable drums show that we saved at least 5.5 tons of plastic from going to waste. We only just getting started. Single use is over!