Dishwash Powder

How to get clean sparkling dishes with Fill dishwash powder

Fill dishwash powder has been designed to handle most hard water areas, but there are extremes out there! If you have a problem with water hardness salts (from the mains water) try the following:

always follow the advice on the screen-printed fill bottle
Add one tbsp of powder to machine dispenser. Don’t use too much powder. A little bit of soap will wash away the grease on your plates. Too much can clog the machine

Remove food debris & hand wash the dirtiest dishes

Take our advice, always use rinse aid. Using rinse aid lowers surface tension & helps to sheet off excess water, boosting the wash process & preventing streaks
If you need rinse aid, we’ve got rinse aid

Always make sure the dishwash machine is full before starting a cycle
Do less loads. Wait until full
But, don’t stuff it too full. An overcrowded washer doesn’t run smoothly

Don’t block the sprayer. If big items block the way, not everything will get a good rinse

If there is any residue on your dishes when you open the machine, don’t worry
It should be easily removed with cleaning vinegar. Put them on soak to remove
We can supply cleaning vinegar.

you can run a short cycle with cleaning vinegar every once in a while
A cup of vinegar in an empty washer will freshen things up & helps tackle water hardness salts

Always make sure dishwash salt is topped up so the water softener is working how it should & to prevent limescale build-up

Keep dishwash door seals clean
A regular wipe with a cloth & some fill wash up will help you out

Clean your trap often

Make sure your machine is serviced regularly

We ship fill dishwash powder in cotton stitched unlined paper sacks, plastic free. That’s important
To prevent powders from absorbing moisture & going hard, store indoors, off the floor, in a well closed airtight container in a dry place, away from humidity & sources of moisture
If it goes hard, performance won’t be affected but it can be a pain having to break it up into a free flowing powder again!
Fill clean repeat