Destainer Powder

Bust stains at home with destainer powder

Fill destainer powder is a low temperature oxygen stain remover for safe laundry & home destaining. Boost laundry. Take on tanins, stains, mould & mildew

Restore, refresh & remove stains without fading colours at low temperatures

Easier to use, safer & kinder than chlorine bleach with a longer shelf life. Mix with water to create just the amount you need each time. Reduce waste

How to use as a laundry booster

machine wash: add 1 tbsp to the drum + detergent. Works from 40°c. Add powder to the empty drum first, then add clothes

Hand wash: add 1 tbsp + detergent to warm water. Dissolve. Rinse

Soak: as above. Leave for 30-60mins (or much longer) to remove stains or brighten whites. Mix powder with warm water before adding garments. Submerge garments fully

Don’t use on silk, wool or leather

how to use around the home

refresh reusables: for stained containers, bottles, mugs, cups, surfaces & sinks add 1-2 tbsps + hot water. Soak for 15mins. Rinse well with clean water

Remove carpet/upholstery stains: mix 1-2 tbsps + hot water to make a solution. Blot stained area. Leave for 30-60mins. Take away excess with clean cloth. Repeat. Always test on an inconspicuous area first

Tackle grime: mix 1-2 tbsps + hot water to make a solution. Use to clean grout, shower walls & counter tops. Always test on an inconspicuous area first