Here’s the next mixtape. We’re calling this one ‘Solstice’.

That summer feeling… “when the flat of the land has got the crop down on it, when the smell of the lawn makes you flop down on it. When the teenage car has got the cop down on it!” The sun is highest in the sky right now and it’s a good time to be still & listen.

Summer has come, an easy time. There’s the promise of abundance, beauty & freedom. Hot nights, cool drinks, long hazy days by the sea. This is a soundtrack to those hum-strumming days, drowsy afternoons, bright stars & emotions that aren’t so easy to pin down… remembering the summers gone-by.

Take it easy & fly into the mystery. 

Cover artwork created by Eleonora Marton for Fill Refill Co.

We’ll be making this available as a limited 30x30cm giclée artists print.