Pim Pam is run by Brighton-based illustrator Aless Baylis, who launched her first collection of cool-looking reusable cloth nappies in June 2020. We reckon cloth nappies represent the best way to tackle disposable nappy waste and we liked how Pim Pam was setting out to make them look great.

If you’ve followed us a while you’ll know we dig closed-loops, getting stuff real clean, re-use, good design, nice people and collaborating with other independents on cool projects. We got talking to Pim Pam about all those things sometime in the Autumn and we’ve been working on a project together ever since.

When it comes to reusable nappies, our tag FILL CLEAN REPEAT never felt so appropriate. We’d already had a bunch of folks telling us they’d used our laundry powder to clean cloth nappies out in the world. So, we created a FILL X PIM PAM Cloth Nappy Cleaning Guide recommending Fill Laundry Powder (unscented) along with a few other tips. We made a small run of 60g glass bottles for Pim Pam customers to test out on their reusable nappies too. Opting for cloth nappies can feel like a giant leap, so we wanted to help make washing them as easy and enjoyable(!) as possible – plus we know what our laundry powder can do.

It’s been a pleasure working with Aless and we’re looking forward to dropping something cool next month as part of Pim Pam’s ‘Friends with Pim Pam’ series.

In the meantime, be sure to follow Aless @PimPam and #FILLCLEANREPEAT