Home Refill


Don’t have a Fill stockist nearby? Refill at home with bulk refills direct from Fillville, where we make them. Send the empty packaging back to us to be refilled. Close the loop.


Choose 5L or 10L returnable home refill bag-in-boxes or 5kg returnable powder tubs.

We’ve made sure you can always send empty packaging back to Fillville for washing & refill with freepost returns. When your home refill has run out, order a new one right away & send back the refillable packaging for free. The FSC certified boxes are made with >60% recycled fibres and printed with vegetable inks. The return tubs are made from 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) material. We’ve included a compact folded ‘return for refill’ transit box inside every home refill, so folks can freepost the inner bag back to us. We’ll wash & refill it over and over again!

Back in 2020 we installed the Washtainer™, our own on-site bottle, bag, tub & drum wash equipment to help make washing & returns a reality. We pioneered the idea of collecting bag-in-box liners to be washed, refilled and reused even when folks told us it couldn’t be done, because we knew it was the right thing to do.

All reconditioned clean packaging is reissued into circulation after washing and after it passes inspection, so you won’t ever be waiting on a return to come back to us through the post.

Every 5L home refill removes 10 x 500ml single use plastic bottles from circulation. Every 10L home refill removes 20 x 500ml single use plastic bottles from circulation.

“Even without the closed loop, bulk refill saves plastic. To be sure, we wanted to know how much plastic would have been used otherwise. Using the data direct from a plastic container supplier, let’s assume that our products all get sold in 500ml bottles with a spray nozzle. These typically weigh anything from 37 – 57g, but the low end of average is 41g, so let’s go with that. A 10L bag-in-box (103g of plastic) stands in for 20 trigger spray bottles (820g plastic). That’s eight times its weight in plastic, and everything beyond the weight of the bag-in-box is saved on the first cycle.”

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