Rose Water

Rose water hydrolat

100% rosa damascena flower water by-product from the steam distillation of crushed rose petals & sepals in the making of rose essential oil cools, hydrates & refreshes skin. Good for hair. Make your own natural scented sprays.

How to use:

Get hep; spritz to cool & hydrate yourself like they did on hot sunny afternoons in the 1960s
– transfer to a refillable atomiser bottle & spray onto face & body
– keep in the fridge for maximum cool

– Do like yia yia & bapou used to do. Spray it all over, all of the time as a light & natural fragrance
– dab, pour or spray all over for a subtle & refreshing natural scent

Add to your hair wash routine

– Pour 500ml over as a hair rinse after washing & conditioning
– add direct to your normal hair wash or conditioner
– transfer to a refillable bottle & spritz as a hair mist to calm frizz & add natural scent

Makes for a mighty natural skin toner & face mist good enough for aphrodite & adonis

– rose water is a mild astringent
– wet a reusable cotton pad with cooled rose water
– dab on clean skin to remove dirt & dead skin cells. Feels real good

Boost your mood; add to the bath cleopatra-style, for a magical bathing experience

– add 500ml rose water to a warm bath for a relaxing soak