Cloth Nappies

How to wash cloth nappies

  1. Soiled nappies should always be washed separately
  2. Don’t overload the machine
  3. Use no more than the suggested dose of laundry powder
  4. Most people advise using unscented, non-bio laundry powder for cloth nappies. Fill laundry powder unscented works great – it’s unscented and enzyme free
  5. Don’t pour laundry powder directly onto the cloth nappies in the machine drum
  6. No need for fabric conditioner
  7. To prevent any build up of powder, make sure there are enough rinses applied to the wash cycle. (most modern machines allow for extra rinse cycles. If the machine is rinsing well, and you’re washing at the correct temperature – everything should be cool)
  8. If you have any worries that the powder won’t dissolve fully, ensure that sufficient temperature is reached during the main wash cycle. Most folks agree that you should wash cloth nappies at a minimum of 60°c
  9. If necessary, boost with fill powder destainer or bicarbonate of soda
  10. If the nappies retain any odour after laundering, re-wash them… They are not clean
  11. Nappies can also be pre-soaked to aid stain removal prior to washing and thorough rinsing