Making A Stand against Single Use At The Clean & Tidy Home Show

Making a stand against Single Use! The Fill Refill modern home of closed loop refills at The Clean & Tidy Home Show in London.

We wanted to make something simple, soulful & eye-catching to show off how cool refills can be. Like always, we wanted to do it ourselves.

Clean and Tidy Fill Refill Stand before being built Eleonora marton painting clean and tidy stand for Fill Refill

Fortunately, at Fill Refill we have a superhuman crew when it comes to avant-garde DIY projects around here.

Chris (Production Manager) started construction from some maverick sketches. He was joined by Lee (Liquid Production) & things soon took shape.

Meanwhile, our incredible illustrator, Eleonora Marton worked on some cool original home refill illustrations…

clean and tidy fill refill stand clean and tidy fill refill stand

Once it was built, Eleonora came up to Fillville to paint the walls in a day. Chris & Lee worked out how to get it all together and how to move it to London and back.

The shelves & cupboards were filled with refillables and refills just before the doors opened and we were ready to roll.

Folks sure seemed to like the stand. Details matter. Like they say, “the way you do anything, is the way you do everything”. We hope that message comes through in all we do.

I love it when a plan comes together.

fill refill stand at clean and tidy

We had a cool weekend in London; talking refills, returns & zero waste stores in a hall filled with cleanfluencers, tidy-upperers, organazizers & declutterers.

clean and tidy fill refill stand clean and tidy fill refill stand

One thing we noticed was how excellent to each-other all the folks who dig cleaning & tidying were. They lifted each-other up and there were good vibes everywhere. A lot of them had never met in real life before but their shared interest in keeping things clean & tidy had helped bring order & calm & friendship during lockdown & all the stuff going down in the outside world.

clean and tidy fill refill stand clean and tidy fill refill stand

Thanks to everyone who dropped into our hand-painted home, listening to what we had to say, taking a look at the things we make & locating your nearest stockist. We hope to see you all again soon.

Single use is over! (if you want it)