Cool news for anyone working in the wonderful world of zero waste refills. We’ve been collaborating with Ben & Helene from Green Green Robotics for a while, fixing a regular Friday afternoon video call each week; catching up – comparing notes and sharing views from the work bench.

Green Green is a new enterprise that creates responsible solutions to help reduce waste. They’re amazing. We met Ben first – sometime last year, in the middle of lockdown one. Since then Green Green have set to work on designing an affordable automated refill station that fills bottles fast across any line that we currently make – or anyone else’s for that matter (but that’s up to you).

Over the past few months we’ve been testing the latest Green Green prototypes in our lab at Fill HQ, Northamptonshire and we’re really pumped about it!

Ben has designed it to fit neatly into any modern zero-waste refill store and work with any kind of bulk vessel – from a small drum up to one of our monster 200L returnables. So far, we’ve found it real easy to use & it definitely makes filling bottles faster and cleaner without any tap troubles or pump problems. All fills, no spills. We also really like the small footprint, lightness & simplicity of the set-up – nothing flashy – just everything you need. We’ve got no doubt that this will fit easily into any refill space. We’re now working together to move onto the first Fill stockist store trial with the launch of the finalised Green Green refill station planned well before the end of ‘21.

Green Green Robotics is run by Helene and Ben who have been working together in technology education for 5+ years. They’re both really cool, super nice and totally passionate about using technology for good! That’s what we like about them most… and we knew Ben was someone we wanted to work with from the very first call we had together. You can just tell he’s a great person.

The refill station was born out of their own experience filling liquids in zero-waste stores. Work on the first prototype took place in Ben’s sister’s garden during lockdown and he sent us a video of it by email. We liked the idea, we liked Ben and we haven’t stopped talking since.

Helene is also director of an amazing social enterprise, ‘Girls into Coding’ that encourages girls to get into coding and hands-on robotics activities. Check it out here. With close ties to technology education and a shared mission, Ben and Helene decided to partner together… so they founded Green Green Robotics.

In the short-term Green Green will be focused on creating an affordable solution for refilling bottles with responsible household products (that’s where we come in). Longer term they plan to work alongside Girls into Coding to make this example an educational tool for robotics, 3D printing and coding – demonstrating how to use technology for good.

They’re 100% committed to making a version of the refill solution available open-source (publically available) to set a low-cost, global standard for easy refilling. When Ben told us about his plans to make it open-source, we were blown away with his vision and wanted to see what we could do to help get things moving, right from the start.

Green Green Robotics are working round the clock to make a refill station available to customers before the end of this year. Tests are looking very promising & the first prototype will be going into a secret location with a fill stockist today…

The refill stations will be manufactured only from recycled plastics and will be designed specifically for ease of repair and upgrade. Green Green Robotics want to offer the product on a closed-loop basis only.

The last 12 months has highlighted a need to improve retail environments that work better for everyone & we reckon this is one way to help achieve it. Refill is here to stay, but we all have to keep trying to make it better. We’ve also learned how important it is to collaborate with cool folks who know what’s up and have a passion for doing something they believe in, that’s better for everyone.

Watch for more news about Green Green x Fill. Follow the progress on instagram @green_green_robotics @girls_into_coding and @fill_co