Here’s the first Fill mixtape.

We’ve called it Pink Moon, for the moongazers out there.

We like the idea of a Pink Moon and all it stands for. That beautiful illuminated clay ball in the night sky; signifying rebirth, renewal and welcoming us into Spring.

New things are happening all around, everything is opening up. This is the soundtrack for stepping out of a long cold winter.

It comes in at 42 minutes, made up of 12 carefully selected tracks. There’s no real science behind it, but we think it’s good for listening to whilst you wipe down surfaces, hang out the laundry, wash your hair or gaze out the window doing the dishes at night. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Enjoy a short trip towards the Spring super-moon, starting out with the aching melancholy of The Rolling Stone’s cold, cold winter & Nico’s impassive These Days thru the cool, crisp, early Spring sounds of Martial Solal, and the ethereal new dawn of Nick Drake’s ‘From The Morning’.

That’s followed by a clutch of tracks which have seen me through the bleakest days of lockdown. Bob Dylan’s ‘Sign On The Window’ is a beautiful song from one of my favourite LPs. Up On The Roof is two and a half happy-go-lucky minutes of urban escapism. My son and I danced around the living room listening to this on repeat until we were dizzy last summer. Them’s Don’t Look Back looks to the future whilst Bill Fay’s Be Not So Fearful is a poignant affirmation that might just help you out right now.

As night falls, listen in to the beatnik jazz sounds of Jack Kerouac reading The Moon Her Majesty with the moonlight softly glistening on Steve Allen’s piano keys… this goes nice with Tom Waits’s intoxicating and sentimental Grapefruit Moon a sound we could wallow in all evening… and our friend, the moon, keeps on twinkling with the soft, soothing, soporific and beautifully cool Night Lights by Gerry Mulligan. Zzzzzzz.

The final uplifting track, perfect for when you wake, is Jonathan Richman’s gentle assurance in ‘The Morning Of Our Lives’ “No need to fear, cause now’s the time to have faith in what we can do.”

Cover artwork created by Eleonora Marton for Fill Refill Co.

We’ll be making this available as a limited 30x30cm giclee artists print. We’d love to know what you think.