This is Phill.

It’s been a long way around for us all here at @fill_co. We’ve managed to do a lot of cool stuff already, but I’m still real excited about all the things we want to be able to do in the future!

I can’t thank the folks who believe in what we’re doing enough, especially @eleonora_marton who interprets every idea with mad skill & sensitivity, always better than I hoped… and the wonderful & kind team of good folks we have around  Fill who we’ll be featuring here soon too. There’s all kinds of reasons why I’ve chosen not to appear much on here or on socials before & how I feel about an idea that sounds a lot like my first name. Nominative determinism, maybe. A bit of casual narcissism, sure (a friend of mine jokes that Greeks love naming stuff after themselves) or maybe it just made good sense.

I had an idea to make a bunch of intuitively refillable eco-responsible home products that looked cooler than anything I could find out there, supplied plastic free & ready to fill. No compromises. No waste. It’s taken a long time to help folks move towards refillables, slowly creating a national refill network with 1000s of inspirational people who each help make a bigger impact than we could dream of. Also, it still feels like we’re only just starting. We’ve grown slowly but organically over that time & I’m happy we’re playing a small part in helping to change behaviours, develop new models & methods, work on new ideas, products, collaborations & designs. I figured it was important that people know we’re still a very small team & we do it all ourselves. Hopefully that spirit comes through in what we do. Thanks for choosing to follow along.

Fill clean repeat.