Generally blue moons come around once every two or three years. They’re kind of irregular. That’s why we like them. Keeping with the phases of the moon we decided to make another mixtape, especially for those that have told us they like them but mostly because I enjoy making them. This one is called Blue Moon. One hour of sounds to help you slow down & enjoy being under the great, still, steady rock hanging in the night sky.

I like to imagine all kinds of people listening to it at the same time, maybe while washing the dishes (we recommend Peppercorn, if you know what’s up with wash up), all looking up & out into the night sky – like I do – at the blue moon floating serenely above all the hopes and fears, laughter and tears, the dreams, frustrations and despair, the injustices, triumphs, romance & heartbreak, all the sadness, pain and joy.

Every single night, sometimes all at once.

I know it’s not much but we hope this playlist helps you make some sense of it all with a mix of pastorals, beatific meditations, cosmic compositions, blue moods & beautiful ballads. Listen close to the late Lawrence Ferlinghetti recite The World Is A Beautiful Place marvel at the meditative Mirror-Pond of Stars or the eight minutes of magic while Alice Coltrane suspends piano notes in orbit. Get lost in the modest modal Peace Piece as Bill Evans improvises with beautiful twinkling pulsars in infinite space. It might be what you need right now. I hope you like it. I’ll keep making them anyway.

Cover artwork by Eleonora Marton, of course.