Eco Responsible Kitchen Cleaning

Nothing changes if nothing changes

There’s a lot of small changes that can help you clean up your kitchen routine in a more responsible way. Taking it all on at once might feel like overwhelming. So, we recommend changing one thing at a time.

What do you use most?

Start by thinking what you use a lot of! If you can find a better alternative, then swapping that out can have a big impact. Washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and bin liners are the most used products in any kitchen. That should be an easy swap.

Fill Refill Wash Up & Dishwash Powder are cool examples. They work as well as more trad products but they’re made without any harsh chemicals, they are vegan and cruelty free certified and most important, they are always refillable! That makes it real easy to cut aggressive chemicals & remove plastic waste from your home all at the same time. Fill Wash Up (Peppercorn) is fragranced with black pepper essential oil, smells great & makes washing up feel much less like a chore!

For bin liners, we recommend Seep Compostable Bin Liners. As sturdy as normal bin liners but without the plastic.

Another easy sink-side change is washing up sponges. Did you know conventional washing up sponges are made with plastic and contribute to micro-plastic pollution? Switching to a compostable, plastic free sponge is an easy swap that makes a big difference. The Fill Refill Good Clean Sponge is compostable & plastic free; made from cotton, wood pulp and flax seeds in the UK. We also recommend Seep Recyclable Copper Scourer and Seep Bamboo Washing Up Brush. The Copper Scourer is 100% copper – a non-ferrous metal, meaning it’s naturally resistant to rust and corrosion (vs steel). The Bamboo Washing Up Brush is completely plastic-free as it’s made with FSC certified bamboo, sisal bristles (a natural fibre that comes from a species of cactus) & biodegradable varnish. Both are perfect for scrubbing dishes and removing stubborn dirt!

fill refill and seep eco responsible washing up products

Ditch single use products & choose to reuse 

Fill Refill eco responsible products are all refillable, but there are many more things you can reuse and repurpose at home. Some of my best cleaning cloths are made out of old cotton T-shirts that I couldn’t use anymore. Another option is to get a reusable, machine washable cleaning cloth just like Seep All Purpose Cloths.

For small spaces, old toothbrushes can be a cool cleaning tool too, as long as you keep them a long way apart from your regular brush!

fill refill and seep eco responsible cleaning products

You don’t need a specific product for each & every task!

It’s all too easy to end up with cupboards clogged with plastic bottles filled with heavy duty specialist cleaners, designed to serve one purpose only. Sometimes you just need to go back to basics and look at what you already have at home.

One example is replacing an aggressive plughole un-blocker with bicarb, vinegar and hot water to unblock the sink. Just pour boiling water down the sink, followed by 1 tbsp of bicarb and 250ml of vinegar. Put the plug in and wait for 10-15 min. Flush with more boiling water!

To make a natural window cleaner try mixing equal parts of cleaning vinegar and hot water. You can add a touch of Fill Refill Wash Up to the vinegar mix to help remove grease marks.

If you need to stock up on the basics and want to choose refillable & plastic free check out Fill Refill bulk cleaning vinegarbicarb.

You can look out for eco responsible products that can be used for more than one purpose, all around the home. The award winning Fill Refill Scrub Powder, fragranced with clary sage essential oil, is fast becoming a cult cleaner. If you know, you know. Use it by adding Wash Up or All Purpose to create a brilliant cream cleaner. Use the paste to clean hobs, greasy pans, oven trays, tiles, sinks or any surface with limescale, stubborn dirt or any unknown soils! It won’t let you down.

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