Return for Refill

Don’t have a store near your door? No room on your shelf for home refill? Choose Fill Refill ‘return for refill’ glass bottles delivered to your doorstep by Milk & More. Leave your empties out on the step to be collected, washed and refilled. Bottles come back to Fillville for sorting, washing, inspection and refill.


Clink clink. Got fill? Order before 9pm for delivery to your doorstep the next morning by 7am. Choose from Hand Soap, Wash Up, Laundry Liquid, Fabric Conditioner, Hair Wash & Hair Conditioner. The filled 500ml Fill Refill bottles go from our factory, where the products are made, to doorsteps around the country via the incredible Milk & More network of electric floats. When the bottles are empty, just leave them out on the step for the driver to collect. We wash & refill them once they get back to Fillville, ready to go round again. We even use Fill Refill rinse aid when washing the bottles!

We deliver palletised goods to Milk & More single-use plastic free in 500ml screen-printed glass bottles, with aluminium caps, loaded onto reclaimed wooden pallets, in recycled, reusable & returnable milk crates, strapped in with paper banding. No wrap. No single use plastic. In case you’re wondering, the Fill bottle crates are made from 100% recycled polypropylene from the waste plastic of drink vending machines that have been taken out of service. We make sure they get used over again to carry Fill Refill bottles in a closed loop.

We were the first maker to send out returnable glass refills of cleaning, laundry, hand & hair care products to homes nationwide in a closed loop. From our factory to your doorstep and back. We figured Milk & More know a thing or two about rinse & return so it made perfect sense to work with the experts. We wanted to show that a small company could find a way to do something they believed in with sheer bloody-mindedness. There’s still much work to do, but if a small independent maker like us can find a way to operate closed loop national rinse and return, just imagine what else could be done.

“It’s three years since the first Fill Refill screen-printed glass bottles got sent from Fillville to Milk & More for delivery to doorsteps via their incredible network of electric floats! A new (old fashioned) way to supply household essentials. It took a lot of bottle to get rinse & return rolling but I’m very proud of our superhuman crew for making it happen. Thanks to all those who believe in what we do & for making doorstep refills a reality. Fill clean repeat. An idea being reified! From this little factory in Northamptonshire we’ll keep making changes, to keep doing something we believe in. See you in the morning!”

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