Refills, Records & Responsibility


Back in August, we had fun recording a podcast for the lovely folks from Farm Stratford. We talked to Lily about rose water, records, refills & responsibility. Right on.

The Farm is a rare place. It’s been put together with hard-work, soul, good intentions & excellent taste. Like ours, it’s a family business that’s very serious about provenance & local, closed-loop supply. We’ve been sending bulk 200L returnables to them and taking back the empties for years now!

Listen to our chat below or search ‘Not Your Average Farm Shop’ on Spotify. Make sure to check out the earlier episodes too & go visit them if you’re ever near Stratford-Upon-Avon.

If you want to find The Farm or any of our other wonderful stockists near you, check out our stockists map. Just enter your postcode to find the nearest place to fill.

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 Not your avarage farm podcast set up Not your avarage farm podcast set up